The staff of Saint Bridget wishes you a joyous Christmas Season.  May the promise of new life offered by Our Lord fill each of you with His abiding Peace and Presence! Below you will find our Christmas Flower donors and memorials.  

Christmas Flower Donations...

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Balok

The Butler Family

Mr. and Mrs. William Cardullo

Ms. Kathleen Early

Mr. and Mrs. William Hall

Jamie Hodges

Mr. Michael Kozak

Mr. and Mr. John E. Miller

Ms. Nancy Oswald

Ms. Renuka Rahman

Ms. Elizabeth Turner

Mr. and Mrs. Roman Wiesak


Christmas Flowers in Memory/Honor of …

Nancy Mitchell by Gale Abell

Winifred Wilkens; Paul Sheeran; Michael Steiner by Dr. and Mrs. Pasquale Accardo

Matthew H. Ansell by Mr. and Mrs. David Ansell

The Herbert and Reilly Families by Ms. Elizabeth Barnes

Henry and Florence Kleier by Donna Barrett

The Saunders-Binns Families by Kathy Binns

The Cantrell and Mills Families by Mr. and Mrs. William Cantrell

The Sisters of Bon Secour by Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Casarotti

James and Lillian Storin; James and Melina Clifford by Mr. and Mrs. James Clifford

The Magner and Condro Families by Drs. Alice and Peter Condro

Maurice and Anne Costello by Mr. and Mrs. William M. Costello

The Crawford, Nott and Stumpf families by Mrs. Sherry Crawford

Raymond Charles Cullen by Mrs. Raymond C. Cullen

Dot & Dan McKenzie by Jane Cutchins

Maj. and Mrs. E. F. Hertling, Jr.; Mr. and Mrs. James Joseph Dwyer by Daniel and Jacqueline Dwyer

The deceased members of the Borysiewicz Family; The deceased members of the Dunn Family; The  

deceased members of the Esparolini Family; by Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Esparolini

Jerry Freeman and Dr. Mark Freeman by Mrs. Carol Freeman

Mary Chase Eck by Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Gill

Alva S. Gill and Ellen Scott by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Gill

The Madura Family by Mrs. Carolyn Gormley

Mary Elizabeth “Betsy” Haas by Cathy and Jay Haas

Wes Hamner; Ann and Maurice Dozier by Mrs. Ann Hamner

Lisa Hall; Lottie and Joseph Marrin by Ms. Elizabeth Hall

Col. E. Mary Cargill; Marlu Winalski by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hartz, Jr.

Mrs. Cathryn Cofer Stone by Mr. and Mrs. J. Cary Hatcher

Owen F. Valentine; Nancy Jean Heilman by Bob Heilman and Carol Valentine

R. David Jones; Anna M. Absalon; David A. Jones by Mrs. Anne Jones

The Kelly and Connolly Families by Eugene and Patricia Kelly

Paul W. Kohler, II by Dianne E. Kohler

Karl & Dorothy Krausse by Deborah Krausse

Donald C. Lucia and Amy Lucia by Suzanne P. Lucia

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley T. Hyde; Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Lundberg by Mr. and Mrs. Christian Lundberg

The Fugiel Family and The Mocala Family by Elizabeth Mocala

The McCall and Roach Families by Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCall

Anthony Conte by Rebecca McKelvey

Tom McKnight by Carol McKnight

Harriet M. Miller and Fred L. Miller by Polly A. Miller

Nicholas C. Nardizzi; Michael and Mary Gaste by Mrs. Michele Nardizzi

Carmela Nuara; Fina Distefano; Salvatore Nuara; Dominic Giancarlo Nuara; Zina Amantia; Felicia Midulla;

Steven Lackey by Mr. and Mrs. Carl Nuara

Mr. and Mrs. John J. O’Hare by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph O’Hare

T. W. Murphy Family, Raymond Ouellette Family by Mr. and Mrs. Valmont Ouellette

The Fowler & Pellei Families; Dante Joseph Pellei by Jeanette Pellei

In memory of our parents by Mr. and Mrs. John Priddy

Tommy Collins, Jr.; Tom Collins, Sr.; Liliana Santucci White and Clyde White; Jane Gibson; Kathleen

Corrigan Fuhs; Christopher Loth; Warren McKenna; Wes Hamner; Mary Beth Morgan; Carmel Miney and Declan Miney; Barbara Call by Carol Daugherty Rasnic

Members of the Midkiff and Reid Families by Susan and Bill Reid

Dot & Bernard Kusterer; Timothy & Paul Reid; Robbie Rilee by Mr. and Mrs. Tom Rilee

Louis Clifford Schroeder, Sr.; Joan & Bob Howard; Mary & Jack Volkman; Katherine & Louis Schroeder

by Mrs. Lois Schroeder

Anna Williams, Virginia Scott by Mr. and Mrs. John Scott

Miss Ava Lee Chandler, and the deceased members of the Siwko and Albright families by Mr. and Mrs.

Andrew Siwko

The Henry Caravati Family by Mary Ann Slaughter

Wallace and Agnes Smith; Woodrow and Elizabeth Galloway by Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Smith, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Davis; Mr. & Mrs. Ray Steitz by Susan and John Steitz

Madeline T. Kastelberg by Madeline Taylor

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Hulcher, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schneider, John Robert Hulcher, III

by Mrs. Ellen Thompson

Joseph Michael Nackley by Dr. Deborah N. Turner

Janet McCabe by Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Turner

Woodrow W. Pitts, Jr. by Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Tuttle

Deceased members of the Archie A. Wallace, III Family by Mrs. Eva Wallace

Bernard, Marie & Patrick Franko; David T. Anderson by Gerard White

Deceased members of the Barbieri and Bragassa Families by Mrs. Betty Williams

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard F. Gee, Jr. and parents; Mr. & Mrs. Philip Shaheen; Arthur Shaheen; Mr. & Mrs.

Faiz Shaheen; Mr. Bob Lumpkin, and Mrs. Betty Schwenk by Anonymous Donor


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