Saint Bridget Catholic Church

Children's Liturgy of the Word

What is Children’s Liturgy of the Word?

Children’s Liturgy of the Word takes place at the Sunday 9am Mass, during the Liturgy of the Word. After the Introductory Rites, the priest will call the children to the front of the church for a blessing and dismissal. Volunteers then lead the kids downstairs to the Parish Hall, where we offer a kid-friendly version of the Liturgy of the Word, homily, and prayers. The kids are then brought back to Mass during the Offertory Hymn, so they can be with their families during the Eucharist.

No pre-registration is necessary. Children’s Liturgy of the Word is only for children in Junior Kindergarten through early Second Grade; children younger than four should remain with their parents.

Behavior Expectations

Parents, please download and review the Behavior Expectations Document. We rely on parents to help prepare their children to best participate in Children’s Liturgy of the Word.

Join our Children’s Liturgy of the Word Volunteer Team!

  • Sunday Mornings, 9am Mass
  • 1-2 Sunday a month commitment
  • Attend a training session
  • Complete VIRTUS training and screening

Volunteers are always needed. If you want to learn more about this exciting ministry, please contact Michael Mitchell, Director of Religious Education, (804) 525-7903 or email