Choosing a Saint Name

Q. Do I need to pick a Saint Name?
A. In some cases, yes. In most cases, no! 

  • The Diocese of Richmond suggests keeping your Baptismal name (the name you were born with) the same as your Confirmation name long as it’s a Christian name (most common/saint names fit this category – John, Mary, David, Elizabeth, etc.).
  • If you were born with a non-Christian name (Sedona, Mercedes, Autumn, etc.) you are encouraged to pick a saint name for Confirmation.
  • If you happen to have a connection to a particular saint and would like to take a saint name, you are welcome to do so, but it’s not necessary.

Q. How/why would I pick a Saint Name?
A. The saint you choose should be one who inspires you and a saint you’d like to emulate with your life. We believe the saints are in heaven and are in communion with God. Because of this, they can intercede for us in prayer the same way we would ask friends and family to pray for us here on earth.

Here is a great list of Saints: The Saint Directory

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