Easter Flowers 2024

Posted on March 29, 2024 in: General News

As we prepare for Easter, we are so grateful for the many donations to Easter Flowers at Saint Bridget. Please see below for a list of those who donated, as well as the list of those whom we remember / honor.

2024 Easter Flowers 

Easter Flower Donations

Mr. & Mrs. William Ashey

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Balok

Ms. Donna Barrett

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Borges

Mr. & Mrs. Philip Breidenbaugh

Mr. & Mrs. William Cardullo

Mrs. Stella D. Costa

Mr. & Mrs. William Dewey

Mr. Ryan Finnerty

Mr. Gregory Gilligan

Mr. & Mrs. Keith and Theresa Grim

Mr. & Mrs. William Hall

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Hrobuchak

Mr. & Mrs. Winfrey Johnson, III

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Keeney

Mr. & Mrs. Francis Kelly

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kolenich

Mrs. Renalda Mihtis

Mrs. Nancy Pfund

Dr. & Mrs. Anthony Sakowski

Ms. Maria Sanabria

Mr. George Saunders, III

Mrs. Ellen Thompson

Ms. Teresa J. Uecker

Mr. & Mrs. Howard Vick

Mr. & Mrs. Francis X. Wagner

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Weirich

Mr. & Mrs. William Winters

Easter Flowers in Memory/Honor

The Martin and Abell Families by Gale Abell

The deceased members of the Accardo and Leahy Families by Dr. & Mrs. Pasquale Accardo

Matthew H. Ansell by David & Barbara Ansell

Vincent Barrafato by Mrs. Gina Barrafato

Sarah Anne Bell by Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Bell

The Belton, Nienaber, Kathman, and Valdrighi Families by Pat & Kathy Belton

Jack Binns, Evelyn & Leo Binns, and George & Virginia Saunders by Kathy Binns

Bobby Watkins, and Reinald Carter by Gretchen Borzelleca

Raffaele Bucci by Lidia Bucci

Stuart Butler by Jane Butler

Bobby Campbell by Mrs. Melissa Campbell

The Cantrell and Mills Families by Mr. & Mrs. William Cantrell

James & Lillian Storin, and James & Melina Clifford by Mr. & Mrs. James Clifford

Helen & Charles Magner, and Nancy & Peter Condro, Sr. by Drs. Alice & Peter Condro

M. A. Costello, Peter and Gary Gerloff, and Janice McCabe by Mr. & Mrs. William Costello

Katie P. Crawford, Edith & John Covert, and Marie & Edward Stumpf Families by Mrs. Sherry Crawford

Raymond Charles Cullen by Mrs. Annie Cullen

Eric Heider by Jane Cutchins

Susan Dedi Norton by Kevin Dedi

Donald & Mary Jane Delaney, and Charles & Martha Marchetti by Donald & Terry Delaney

Harry de Venoge by Mr. & Mrs. Frank de Venoge

Alice & Jim Dwyer, and Mary & Gene Hertling by Daniel & Jaqueline Dwyer

The deceased members of the Borysiewicz, Dunn, and Esparolini Families by Mr. & Mrs. Ramon Esparolini

Nellie Sue Williams Pearce by Mackenzie G. Farmer

Gina Mrava, Teodolinda Castagna, Mary Mrava, and Stefanie Mrava by Dr. Diane Mrava & Mr. Richard Ferree

Jerry Freeman by Mrs. Carol Freeman

The Worley/Gill and Eck/Hanky Families by Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Gill

Ellen S. Scott, and Alva Gill by Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Gill

Charles J.& Louise G. Giovannetti by Charles & Joan Giovannetti

Mary Elizabeth “Betsy” Haas by Cathy & Jay Haas

Marlu Winalski, Col. E. Mary Cargill by Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hartz, Jr.

Mrs. Cathryn Cofer Stone by Cary & Cathy Hatcher

Deceased members of the Amundsen and Holzgrefe Families by Mrs. Judith Holzgrefe

Dr. Bill Johnstone by Mrs. Janice Johnstone

Anne & Martin Kelly, Kathleen & Thomas Connolly by Gene & Pat Kelly

Paul Kohler, II by Ms. Dianne Kohler

Deceased members of the Burns and Kozak Families by Michael Kozak

Karl & Dorothy Krausse by Deborah Krausse

Henry & Helen Loughran by Miss Barbara Loughran

The Sheerin, Hamner, and Loving Families by Bettijo Loving

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley A. Lundberg and Mr. & Mrs. Stanley T. Hyde by Mr. & Mrs. Christian Lundberg

Pauline Sullivan by The Mansfield and Sullivan Families

Dot Moore by Diana Markowitz

Caroline Martin, Mary Martin Garcia, and Bobby Keane by Elizabeth & Michael Martin

Our Parents by John & Pam Maxey

The McCall and Roach Families by Mr. & Mrs. Robert McCall

William G. & Beverly Flanagan, and James Michael & Theresa Rose McCarty by Mr. & Mrs. Ralph McCarty

Anthony Conte by Rebecca McKelvey

Fred L. Miller & Harriet M. Miller by Polly A. Miller

The Fugiel & Mocala Families by Elizabeth Mocala

James & Shirley Ratchford by Diane Murray

Nicholas C. Nardizzi, Michael & Mary Gaste by Mrs. Michele Nardizzi

Mr. & Mrs. John J. O’Hare by Mr. & Mrs. Joseph O’Hare

Claire Jalbert Lewis, Rose & George Oley, and James Jalbert by Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Oley

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Ouellette, and Mr. & Mrs. John W. Murphy, Sr. by Mr. & Mrs. Valmont Ouellette

Harry & Dorothy Peppiatt, and John Wente by Brian & Mary Ann Peppiatt

Valerie Pierotti by Mr. Joseph Pierotti

Mr. & Mrs. James Hollern by Mr. & Mrs. Richard Provost

Joan Puccio by Mr. Philip Puccio

Our dear Parents and Brother by John & Anita Priddy

Members of the Midkiff and Reid families by Mr. & Mrs. J. William Reid

Bonnie Martin by Mr. & Mrs. William Richter

Tim Reid, Paul Reid, Robbie & Gene Rilee, and Bernard & Dot Kusterer by Mr. & Mrs. Tom Rilee

Deceased members of The Balcer and Romito Families by Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Romito

Louis Clifford Schroeder, Sr., The Schroeder Family, and Mary & John Volkman by Mrs. Lois Schroeder

Anna Williams, and Virginia Scott by John & Joan Scott

Kazimierz “Charlie” Siwko, James M. Albright, Martha Jo Lowe, Miss Ave Lee Chandler, and Nathan Lysinger by Mr. &Mrs. Andrew Siwko

W. Wallace & Agnes Smith, Woodrow & Elizabeth Galloway by Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Smith, Jr.

Staniskawa Kochmanska by Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Sullivan

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Forsyth, Mr. & Mrs. Howard Sutton, and Mr. Lawrence Vereb, Sr. by Mrs. Kathy Sutton

James Pollard, Jr. by Madeline Taylor

Joseph M. Nackley by his sister Dr. Deborah Nackley Turner

Dianne & Woody Pitts by Mr. & Mrs. Brandon Tuttle

Henrietta & Frank Viola by Carol A. Viola

The Archie A. Wallace, III Family, and the Stefan Szelagiewicz Family by Mrs. Eva Wallace

Jerry L. Wauford by Veronica Wauford

David T. Anderson, Patrick B. Franko, and Bernard & Marie Franko by Gerry & Joyce White

Deacon Patrick White and The Wellhouse Family by Mrs. Kay White

Lidia Pulkownik, and Zbigniew Wiesak by Mr. & Mrs. Roman Wiesak

The deceased members of the Bragassa and Barbieri Families by Mrs. Betty Williams

Zachary Bazan Woodruff by D. Brett & Felicia Woodruff

The Zachary, Rudenko, Medjanik, and Usachova Families by Nicholas Zachary


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