Christmas Flower Donations

Posted on November 16, 2022

Christmas Flower donations

  • Mr. & Mrs. William Cardullo
  • Mr. & Mrs. William Dewey
  • Mrs. Amanda C. Graziano
  • Mr. & Mrs. William Hall
  • Mr. & Mrs. Gary Hrobuchak
  • Mrs. Georgeanna Murgatroyd
  • Mr. & Mrs. Onyemaechi
  • Ms. Renuka Rahman
  • Mr. Daniel Schlussler
  • Mr. John C. Siewers II
  • Mr. & Mrs. James Sullivan
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Taylor
  • Ms. Elizabeth Turner
  • Mr. & Mrs. Paul Weirich
  • Mr. & Mrs. Roman Wiesak


Christmas Flowers in Memory/Honor of …

  • The Martin and Abell families by Gale Abell
  • Deceased members of the Accardo and Leahy Families by Dr. & Mrs. Pasquale Accardo
  • Talna Pettigrew Kirby by Kate Ahnstrom
  • Zachary Woodruff by Anonymous
  • Matthew H. Ansell by Mr. & Mrs. David Ansell
  • Edward & Margaret Ashey and Sam & Karolina Norris by Mr. & Mrs. William Ashey
  • Charles & Rita Collins by Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Balok
  • Vincent Barrafato by Mrs. Vincenza Gina Barrafato
  • Henry & Florence Kleier by Donna Barrett
  • Belton, Valdrighi and Nienaber Families by Kathy & Pat Belton
  • Mary Elizabeth Borzelleca by Gretchen Borzelleca
  • The Bruce and Patterson Families by Mr. & Mrs. William Bruce
  • Karson Catey by Mr. & Mrs. William Cantrell
  • James & Lillian Storin and James & Melina Clifford by Mr. & Mrs. James Clifford
  • Helen & Ted Magner and Nancy & Peter Condro, Sr. by Drs. Alice & Peter Condro
  • Maurice & Anne Costello by Mr. & Mrs. William M. Costello
  • Mr. & Mrs. Edward Stumpf, Mr. & Mrs. John Ratcliffe and Mr. & Mrs. John Covert by Mrs. Sherry Crawford
  • Raymond Charles Cullen by Mrs. Raymond C. Cullen
  • Dot & Dan McKenzie by Jane Cutchins
  • Donald & Mary Jane Delaney and Charles & Martha Marchetti by Donald & Terry Delaney
  • W. Barrett Disney, Jr., Aloysius & Helen Higgins, Eleanor & Barrett Disney, Sr. and Maria Disney Barrafato by Ms. Margaret Disney
  • Judith Ann Lombardo by Lisa Drew
  • The deceased members of the Borysiewicz Family, the deceased members of the Dunn Family and the deceased members of the Esparolini Family by Mr. & Mrs. Ramon Esparolini
  • Jerry Freeman and Dr. Mark Freeman by Mrs. Carol Freeman
  • Gill/Worley and Hanky/Eck Families by Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Gill
  • Alva S. Gill and Ellen S. Scott by Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Gill
  • Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Giovannetti by Charles & Joan Giovannetti
  • Mary Elizabeth “Betsy” Haas by Cathy & Jay Haas
  • Wes Hamner and Ann & Maurice Dozier by Mrs. Ann Hamner
  • Jo Ann Hanna by Nance Hanna
  • Col. E. Mary Cargill and Marlu Winalski by Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hartz, Jr.
  • Cay Lewis by Margaret Haymore
  • Anne & Martin Kelly and Cathleen & Thomas Connolly by Eugene & Patricia Kelly
  • Paul W. Kohler II by Dianne E. Kohler
  • Deceased members of the Kozak and Burns Families by Michael Kozak
  • Karl & Dorothy Krausse by Deborah Krausse
  • Jim & Margaret Gardner by Theresa Laine
  • Jolene Sheerin, Wes Hamner, Gay Hamner and Betty & Wes Hamner by Mrs. Betty Loving
  • Donald C. Lucia & Amy Lucia by Suzanne, Anne, Andrew, and Allen Lucia
  • Mr. & Mrs. Stanley T. Hyde and Mr. & Mrs. Stanley A. Lundberg by Mr. & Mrs. Christian Lundberg
  • Pauline Sullivan by Ms. Paulette Mansfield
  • Caroline Martin, Mary Garcia, and Bobby Keane by Elizabeth & Michael Martin
  • The McCall and Roach Families by Mr. & Mrs. Robert McCall
  • Anthony Conte by Rebecca McKelvey
  • Tom McKnight by Carol McKnight
  • Harriet M. Miller and Fred L. Miller by Polly A. Miller
  • Harry T. Murphy & Family by Paula Murphy
  • Nicholas C. Nardizzi, Michael and Mary Gaste by Mrs. Michele Nardizzi
  • John Noonan and Michael Noonan by Mrs. Barbara Noonan
  • Carmela Nuara, Fina Distefano and Salvatore Nuara by Mr. & Mrs. Carl Nuara
  • Mr. & Mrs. John J. O’Hare by Mr. & Mrs. Joseph O’Hare
  • Mr. & Mrs. John W. Murphy, Sr. and Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Ouellette by Mr. & Mrs. Valmont Ouellette
  • Paul Pedersen, Alicia Pedersen and Howard Smith by Elizabeth Pedersen
  • The Pellei and Fowler Families by Jeanette Pellei
  • Marvin & Emma Whitlock by Susan W. Pettus
  • Tom Pfund, Art & Margie Pfund and Ken Pfund by Mrs. Nancy Pfund
  • Doris B. Davis, Woodrow W. Pitts, Jr., Michele, Brandon, Luke, Blaise and Bexley Tuttle by Dianne Pitts
  • America’s Armed Forces by Mr. & Mrs. John Priddy
  • James & Betty Hollern by Mr. & Mrs. Richard Provost
  • Joan Puccio and Mary Borzelleca by Mr. Philip Puccio
  • Tommy Collins, Jr., Tom Collins, Sr., Liliana Santucci White & Clyde White, Jane Gibson, Kathleen
  • Corrigan Fuhs, Christopher Loth, Wes Hamner, Carmel Miney & Declan Miney and Barbara Call by Carol Daugherty Rasnic & R. Jackson Rasnic
  • Members of the Midkiff and Reid Families by Susan & Bill Reid
  • Thomas Presby by Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Reynolds
  • Michael L. Rigsby by Linda Rigsby
  • Dot & Bernard Kusterer, Timothy Reid and Paul Reid, and Robbie & Gene Rilee by Mr. & Mrs. Tom Rilee
  • Albert & Marie Balcer and Joseph & Evelyn Romito by Joseph & Joyce Romito
  • R.F. Scannell by Mrs. Mildred Scannell
  • Anna Williams and Virginia Scott by Mr. & Mrs. John Scott
  • Nathan Lysinger and James (Butch) Thomas by Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Siwko
  • Wallace & Agnes Smith and Woodrow & Elizabeth Galloway by Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Smith, Jr.
  • Raymond & Kathleen Steitz and Robert & June Davis by Susan & John Steitz
  • Michael & Catherine Dubus by Maureen Stengel
  • Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Forsyth and Mr. & Mrs. Howard Sutton by Mrs. Kathy Sutton
  • Madeline T. Kastelberg by Madeline Taylor
  • The John Robert Hulcher, Jr. Family by Mrs. Ellen Thompson
  • Kay Meyer by Vickie & Hugh Tito
  • Joseph Michael Nackley by Dr. Deborah N. Turner
  • Woodrow W. Pitts, Jr. by Mr. & Mrs. Brandon Tuttle
  • Henrietta & Frank Viola by Carol A. Viola
  • Archie A. Wallace, III, Natalia & Stefan Szelagiewicz, and John S. Szelagiewicz by Mrs. Eva Wallace
  • Matthew Waters by The Waters Family
  • Bobby Baughan, David T. Anderson, Patrick B. Franko and Bernard & Marie Franko by Gerard White
  • Deacon Pat White and The Wellhouse, McCarthy, and White Families by Mrs. Kay White
  • John C. Short III by The Wood Family          
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