Fr. Gerry Kaggwa will be here June 27 and 28 to speak about the Diocesan Missionary cooperation weekend and ask for support through  a 2nd collection.  

Father Gerry (former Parochial Vicar here at St. Bridget) is Pastor of St. Catherine of Siena in Clarksville, St. Paschal Baylon in South Boston, and Church of the Good Shepherd in South Hill. The distance between parishes is approximately 50 miles. The three cluster parishes are all mission parishes located in areas of Virginia that do not have much industry and have been hit hard by the economic downturn. Most of the parishioners are retired.

St. Catherine of Siena is located in the middle of the cluster and is considered the home parish. St. Catherine currently has an ongoing building campaign to raise money to renovate and enlarge the sanctuary to add much needed worship space and to also make the entire building handicap accessible. The cost of this project is approximately $550,000. St. Catherine currently has 128 registered families and a small Hispanic community of about 30 families of which most are not registered.

St. Paschal is located about 20 miles from St. Catherine. St. Paschal currently is trying to raise funds for repairs and renovations to their social hall. The total cost of this project is yet to be determined. St. Paschal currently has 140 registered families.

Church of the Good Shepherd is located about 30 miles from St. Catherine. Good Shepherd currently has an ongoing capital campaign to build religious education classrooms. The cost of this project is approximately $450,000. Good Shepherd currently has 120 registered families with a large Hispanic community of about 85 families of which most are not registered.

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