Youth Ministry 2020/2021

This year we are offering three core avenues of youth group engagement and teen formation but we will also be offering a variety of other opportunities for gathering and enrichment. Because of Covid, we are focusing most of our gatherings in short, personal, online meetings. We know that no one really wants to spend more time on zoom calls- especially teens already attending school virtually. So, we are focusing primarily on short meetings that connect directly with individual or small groups of teens. We are hoping for frequent, short connections as opposed to, monthly long meetings. 

In person meetings will happen in two ways: One - Large Group socially distanced outdoor gatherings (think drive-in movie on the blacktop). Two - in person meetings can be held in homes so long as the meeting abides by all of our Diocesan Safe Environment guides (with two unrelated, safe environemnt trained adults present at all times) as well as all of our Covid protocols (face masks must be worn indoors, social distancing etc.). 

Core Youth Group Programs

Encounter Program

For those who are just dipping their toes into the faith we offer Teen Alpha. It's perfect for teens who have big questions and would like to understand the basics of Christianity. This program helps us understand who Christ is and what it means to be Christian. Alpha is a series of really well made videos and discussion questions. You can go through the videos individually, with a group of other teens, or you can watch with your whole family! The key to Alpha's success is a good group of people with whom to discuss the discussion questions. We can help arrange groups to meet your schedule and comfort level. 

Discipleship Program

For teens who have an active faith life and are ready to be challenged to follow Jesus more closely, we are offering Discipleship Groups. These small groups will meet regularly with mentors to help evaluate what's going on in your life, discover where faith and life intersect, and set attainable goals for a deeper relationship with Christ.  No one likes to spend all day on zoom so calls will happen regularly and will last between 15 and 30 minutes. If faith is something you're ready to weave more deeply into your daily life, this is for you.  Confirmation Teens will all be in discipleship groups in addition to Confirmation Formation Meetings. 

Apostolate Program

For older teens who are ready to discern and begin an intentional ministry to others. This cohort will look similar to the discipleship groups, with short, directed, small group meetings, but with an additional focus on discerning and getting involved in or developing a ministry or apostolate. Whether it's a ministry of service, leadership, teaching, liturgy, or something else, this is for those who have felt God calling them to serve the church in a particular way. This is recommended for post-Confirmation Teens, but is open to anyone. 


Other Formation/Programs/Offerings


Confirmation Formation will be done in a series of online keynotes that teach specifically about the sacrament. General Catholic formation about other aspects of the faith are covered in the Encounter, Discipleship, or Apostolate programs. Your Confirmation Small Group experience will be a part of your Discipleship Group. 

Catholic Heart Work Camp

Catholic Heart will be doing a variety of things to engage and support as normal a schedule as possible. Anne-Marie Condlin is spearheading Catholic Heart activities again this year. 

Video Drops

We are really excited to be building a studio for producing regular video content from Saint Bridget. This will allow us to bring high quality, regular content created specifically for teens to encourage you and build you up as we grow closer to Christ this year. We have a list of awesome guests lined up and ready to share on a variety of topics including a series on faith and science, as well as faith and mental health. 

Online Gaming Community

We have been working on ironing out how we can throw online gaming meet ups that will be safe environment compliant. So we can gather to share community online. 

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