September 24/25th After all Masses 

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Why a Fair
Because our faith calls us to growth and to community. Whether learning, serving, or leading, there are opportunities to put your faith into action.
From serving meals to the poor to community dinner groups, from washing the altar linens to helping people become Catholic, we have a huge variety of ministries that you are invited to join. 
Some groups need volunteers, some groups are welcoming new participants, you can learn more about all the groups at Saint Bridget at the Ministry Fair. 

About  the Ministries
We will have over 40 ministries represented in the commons!
The Ministries have been sorted into categories of: Evangelization, Outreach, Community, Liturgy, and Education.
Not all ministries fit neatly within a category, that's ok. 

Exhibit Space
We can only fit about 14 tables in that space so each ministry will share a table with a few other ministries.
Each ministry will have a placard on the table explaining what the ministry is and how to get involved.  
If the ministry is able, a representative from the ministry will be available at the table to answer questions, pass out candy, or offer resources. 

Sign Ups
An online form will have all our ministries listed and will give parishioners a place to express interest in particular ministries. 
Parishioners will also be able to use a paper checklist to select the ministries that interest them and submit their contact information. 
The results of those sign-ups will be shared with ministry leaders about a week after the fair. 
Of course, ministries are welcome to offer sign-up sheets at their table if they wish.