If you are unable to drop off your gifts, consider returning the gifts you bought and making a donation to cover the value of the gift card that will be purchased for your recipient.

Why we don't take late drop-offs.

  • Gift recipients are from a variety of communities and mountain towns scattered across the state. 
  • Currently, agencies representing the recipients drive in and pick up the gifts all at one time, then disperse the gifts all at one time. 
  • Getting a second round of gifts delivered has proven extremely costly and labor intensive in the past. 

What would it take to make late drop-offs possible?

  • We would have to rent a truck and get volunteers to deliver the packages around the state or we could pay to mail the packages. 
  • If we get financial donors and volunteers, then we can arrange to transport late deliveries. 

What happens to those gifts?

  • If you are unable to drop off your gifts, we give your intended recipient a Walmart gift card in place of your donation.
    These gift cards are paid for by parishioner contributions to Christmas Sharing. Contribute to that fund here.
  • We otherwise encourage you to donate your gifts to another organization or return the gifts.
  • I am currently working on identifying organizations that will accept gifts that don't make it in.  

If you have any ideas on ways to get late deliveries accomplished, I'm very open to suggestions!

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