­­­­­­Cantors lead the Psalm during the Liturgy of the Word, in dialogue with the congregation, both at Mass and during prayer services.  They also assist the congregation as they sing other parts of the liturgy.

Saint Bridget has a team of cantors who volunteer significant time to prepare vocally, musically and spiritually to lead the parish in liturgical song.  Cantors bring to the ministry at least some experience, having sung seriously in choirs, or as soloists.  After meeting with the Music Minister and determining they are called to this ministry, they spend several weeks in training.  Once trained, they begin to attend weekly rehearsals at which the Psalms for several weeks ahead are rehearsed with other cantors.  Once assigned for a particular weekend, he or she might spend time in additional coaching with the Music Minister, and arrives thirty minutes before their assigned liturgy to warm-up.

Senior Members of our Girl and Boy Choirs may, from time to time, be asked to serve as Cantors at Mass.  Their preparation will take place during and around the time of their regular choir rehearsals.

If you are an adult who feels called to this ministry, you should contact the Music Minister ( or 804.282.9511).  Although cantors need not have “soloist quality” voices, they should be able to sing in tune, have some proficiency in reading music, and sufficient time to devote to rehearsal and preparation.  This ministry must be a priority, and cantors must be willing to serve at 2-4 Masses each month, sometimes twice in a weekend.  More information will be available from the Music Minister when you contact him.

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