St. Bridget Catholic Church in Richmond Virginia


Liturgical Ministry at St. Bridget
Serving on the Liturgy Committee

Welcome!  We are so pleased you are considering God’s call to serve with us as we focus on creating a liturgical environment saturated with Christ’s Real Presence.  This initiative began in 2010 with a desire by Msgr. Carr to deepen the experience of the Mass.  In consultation with the Liturgy Committee, he decided that we would focus on the remarkable promise of Christ’s Real Presence when two or three are gathered in His name and most especially, then, on His Real Presence in the Eucharist.  Since those first days in the late summer of 2010, the Liturgy Committee has been focusing its work on the many ways we can reveal Christ’s Presence in the celebration of the Eucharist. 
To serve on the Liturgy Committee is to be willing to continually consider this revelation of Christ’s Real  Presence.  We welcome those interested in one or more of the following activities of the Liturgy Committee:

  • Recruiting liturgy ministers
  • Forming/training of new liturgy ministers
  • Planning an annual ongoing formation event for liturgy ministers
  • Recruiting, forming and assigning mentors
  • Maintaining the liturgy website content
  • Researching materials that will support the intellectual and spiritual growth of liturgy minister
  • Assessing liturgies through the lens of Christ’s Real Presence
  • Planning liturgical seasons
  • Scheduling liturgy ministers
  • Being a learning facilitator for the members of the liturgy committee
  • Offering assistance in areas not named here

We are hoping those whom God calls to serve with this Committee can do so for a minimum of one liturgical cycle, which is three years. 
Liturgy Committee meetings are scheduled for the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00PM.  They are presided over by Msgr. Carr and enjoy the leadership of priests-in-residence, our deacons, as well as our fellow parishioners.
If you are discerning membership, please contact Don Delaney, Chair of the Liturgy Committee, at .  We would like to assist in any way we can with your discernment.  Don can also answer any questions you have.
If your discernment has led you to answer God’s call and you are ready to join the Committee, please contact Don Delaney either by telephone or email so he can welcome you, give you an update on the agenda at present, and give you a familiar name/face before you join the Committee in meeting.
Current initiatives include:

  • Recruiting and forming mentors
  • Formation and training of all liturgical ministers through the lens of Real Presence
  • Setting up an ongoing formation plan
  • Assessing liturgies

Ongoing Initiatives include:

  • Recruiting new liturgy ministers, especially sacristans and summer ministers
  • Planning Ministry Matters for February, 2012
  • Updating Handbooks and the website
  • Publishing recommended self-guided learning materials for liturgy ministers


St. Bridget Catholic Church in Richmond, Virginia


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