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What: White Water Rafting Retreat

When: Monday, August 14th - Tuesday August 15th

Who: 9th through just graduated 12th graders 

Where: Oak Hill, WV – Lower New River (Through River Expeditions Company)

Transportation: Coach Bus from St. Michael Parking Lot

Cost: $200/teen $100/adult

We will need two Virtus trained Adult Chaperones (21+) 
Dan may not be able to make it on this trip, and if he does go, he, unfortunately, can't raft, so we'll need extra adults who are comfortable making decisions. 
If we don't get the chaperones, the trip may not happen. 

What does the rough itinerary look like?


Gather to leave on one coach bus from the Saint Michael parking lot.
It’s a 4 hour drive and we would stop around noon for about half hour-ish for lunch somewhere.

2:30 pm
Arrive at the campsite.


Wake up, break down camp, load bags and gear on the bus.
Enjoy continental breakfast courtesy of the rafting company. 

Orientation for rafting and embark on the river. 

Off the river, load bus, head home with a dinner stop 

7:30pm (ish)
Bus Returns to Saint Mikes

Camping Arrangements

Once on site, we will establish boundaries and girls, guys and mens, womens cluster camps and set up camp. 
Depending on the campsite we are given, we can usually easily make a guys tent cluster and a girls tent cluster on opposite sides of the field with adult tent clusters in the middle.

On the form, I will indicate that if teens have tents, they should mark that down along with how many can fit.  We will then work to make sure everyone will be in a tent.  Not EVERYONE will need to bring a tent.  But a good number.  We figure that out once we find out what we have to work with.

After camp setup, we’ll do some ice breakers and some team building activities.  The pseudo-theme for this mini “retreat” is the idea that we must rely on one other as well as rely on Christ.  This fits nicely with the teambuilding needed to raft the river.

-Teens will have some free time while we prep dinner. (We may also enlist some teens to help with preparing dinner.)  We’ll do fresh foods that can be cooked on grill/fire.

-An hour or two later in the evening, as the sun is setting, we’ll have a prayer service. 
If we can convince an adventure loving priest to join us, we'll have Mass. 

-After dark, communal free time will be restricted to the pavilion (card, board games, chatting, snacks) or around the fire (smores and good conversation). 
We’ll turn in relatively early as we will need to be up early the next morning.

-The next morning we’ll wake up around 7am as we will need to report to the rafting post by9am.  We’ll have two hours to change, we’ll have a continental breakfast and we will pack camp up and put everything on the bus BEFORE we head rafting.

-We then raft from about 9am-2pm.  There’s about 6-8 persons per raft.  Guides will be amongst us in kayaks giving direction.  We stop for lunch midway, which the rafting company takes care of for us.

-We return back to the outpost around 2pm and then have a chance to shower and clean up in the shower houses (teen ladies and gentlemen will go first, then once they are all out the adults will go a couple at a time.)  We hop on the bus straight from there and begin the trek back.  We’ll stop for dinner on the way back with the hopes of returning back to St. Mike’s between 7:30-8pm on Tuesday night.

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Mass Schedule

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Vigil Mass: 5:30pm

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8:00am, except holidays as scheduled


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